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STEP 1: SAVE THIS DOCUMENT TO YOUR COMPUTER RESILIENCE – STRENGTH OF SOCIAL SUPPORT NETWORK 1   Chamberlain Early Assessment Program div style #button { background-color: #F05A1A; border: 5px; border-radius: 5px; color: white; padding: 5px 5px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; display: inline-block; font-size: 13px; margin: 4px 2px; cursor: pointer; } /style div class=’alert alert-success’ h3Save your time – order a paper!/h3 p style=’font-size: 16px;’Get your paper written from scratch within the tight deadline. Our service is a reliable solution to all your troubles. Place an order on any task and we will take care of it. You won’t have to worry about the quality and deadlines a href=’/order’ id=’button’Order Paper Now/a /div/div Focused Ac vity  Topic Area  Resilience – Strength of Social Support Network  Focused Objec ve: Develop connec ons to expand and strengthen your social support network Impact of a Social Support Network    A social support network is made up of rela onships with friends, family and members of your communi es, such as school, clubs, or church. Social support involves both giving and receiving of me, care and a en on that is mutually beneficial. A support network also can include fellow students and faculty, who understand the daily success and challenges that come with being a nursing student.   “A Problem Shared is a Problem Halved”  What this saying means that being able to ask for help strengthens resilience. When we ask for help, we are recognizing we are not alone to solve a problem and we have others who care about us. At mes, asking for help may seem difficult. Some mes we may think:  “I should be able to solve this myself” or,  “People will think less of me if I ask for help” or,  “I need to be more independent and take care of my own problems” or,  “Asking for help is a sign of weakness”, or,  “This is no one else’ business but mine.”   Ask yourself:     What other reasons have you thought of why it may be difficult to ask for help?  When did you recently ask for help and found that help useful?  How do you feel when someone asks you for help?  What are some benefits of being able to ask for help? STEP 1: SAVE THIS DOCUMENT TO YOUR COMPUTER RESILIENCE – STRENGTH OF SOCIAL SUPPORT NETWORK 2 Benefits of Social Support    Social support has a wide array of benefits – many that are intertwined with the other areas of resilience. Physical Elements    During mes of stress, when resilience is most needed, social support has been found to dampen the physical effects of stress.  Better Immune Function  Improved Brain chemical function o Lower Norepinephrine & Epinephrine = Less Anxiety o Higher Serotonin = Lower Depression  Improved Heart Health Indicators o Lower Blood Pressure o Lower Heart Rate   Communica on Elements     Opportunities to practice social skills that promote resilience skills  Promote communication, reciprocity and compassion  Act as a safe place to share ideas and thoughts before acting on them  Receive creative advice and suggestions  Receive caring, supportive feedback versus harsh, unhelpful criticism   Posi ve Psychological Elements     Improve other areas important to resilience – identity, self‐worth & self‐esteem – through receiving and expressing love  Boosting morale in the workplace  Feelings of connectedness  Keep you from feeling lonely  Support during difficult times  Distraction from stressful events  Experience positive states o Feeling accepted and cared for o Playfulness   Other Elements   Vocational o Networking opportunities for future employment or volunteering experiences  Building relationships with peers and faculty of different cultures and backgrounds who you may not meet otherwise. STEP 1: SAVE THIS DOCUMENT TO YOUR COMPUTER RESILIENCE – STRENGTH OF SOCIAL SUPPORT NETWORK 3 Enrich Your Social Support Network at School    Respond to the following questions and make some notes in the boxes provided as reference.   How can social support from your advisors or faculty help you solve problems you may be  experiencing at school?  To help you answer this, ask yourself, “What is it that you are wanting?”      How can social support from your advisors or faculty reduce stress at school that you may be  experiencing?  To help you answer this, ask yourself “What is important to you so that you do not  experience stress?”  How may social support from fellow students help solve problems you may be experiencing at school?   How is this different from your rela onship with your advisors or faculty?      How may social support from fellow students reduce stress at school that you may be experiencing?   How is this different from your relationship with your advisors or faculty?  ecollege.com olliWhat are you wanting:/liliexperience stress:/liliSupport from Peers:/liliPeers reduce stress:/li/ol  

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