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The Alset Corporation wants to begin marketing electric vehicles (EVs) to customers in the nation of Climatonia. Because the company is brand new, models and options are very limited. The user can only select from one of three types of models, and the only available option is an extra charging cable. Your job is to write a program in Java that will allow employees to see the configurations that are currently available for purchase.

Alset EVs come in three types:
Type 1: Rear wheel drive, small battery pack (short range)
Type 2: Rear wheel drive, medium battery pack (medium range)
Type 3: All wheel drive, large battery pack (long range)

All cars feature four doors and come with a charging cable. Type 1 vehicles are painted green and have no other options. Type 2 vehicles are painted blue and have GPS navigation. Type 3 vehicles are painted red, have GPS navigation, and also have a sunroof.

After meeting with the client, the design team determined the following custom class requirements for this program:

A class called Alset with the following:

  • A property called numDoors (integer) with a value of 4
  • A property called chargeCable (integer) with a value of 1
  • A property called paintColor (String) with a value of Green
  • A property called freeCharge (String) with a value of No
  • A method called displayInfo() that prints each of these properties on screen like this example: “Number of doors: 4”

A class called Type1 with the following:

  • Inherits from Alset class
  • This model does not have any additional features

A class called Type2 with the following:

  • Inherits from Alset class
  • A String property called gpsNav with a value of Yes
  • A method that overrides displayInfo(), adding a line to report the gpsNav property

A class called Type3 with the following:

  • Inherits from Alset class
  • A String property called gpsNav with a value of Yes
  • A String property called sunroof with a value of Yes
  • A method that overrides displayInfo(), adding lines to report the gpsNav and sunroof properties

When the program runs, present the user with a simple explanation of the program (one sentence), followed by a menu that asks them to enter 1 for Type 1, 2 for Type 2, or 3 for Type 3. Use the Scanner class to process input and use IF/ELSE statements to handle their choice. Once the choice has been made, instantiate a member of the appropriate class, set the correct paint color (if type 2 or 3), then execute the displayInfo() method to display the properties of the vehicle on-screen. Once the information has been displayed, the program should end.

Write code comments in both the project class and each of the custom classes to document your program. In your custom classes, use JavaDoc comments to document the features of the class.

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