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6.1 the housekeeping services department of Ruger Clinic, a multi-specialty practice in Toledo, Ohio had $100,000 in direct costs during 2011. These costs must be allocated to Ruger’s three revenue-producing patient services departments using the direct method. Two cost drivers are under consideration: patient services revenue and hours of housekeeping services used. The patient services departments generated $5 million in total revenues during 2011, and to support these clinical activities, they used 5,000 hours of housekeeping services. a. What is the value of the cost pool? b. What is the allocation rate if: a. Patient services revenue is used as the cost driver? b. House of housekeeping services is used as the cost driver? 6.2 Refer to Problem 6.1. Assume that the three patient services departments are adult services, pediatric services, and other services. The patients services revenue and house of housekeeping services for departments are: Department Revenue Housekeeping Hours Adult Services 3,000,000 1500 Pediatric Services 1,500,000 3000 Other Services 500,000 500 Total 5,000,000 5000 a. What is the dollar allocation to each patient services department if patient services revenue is used as the cost driver? b. What is the dollar allocation to each patient services department if hours of housekeeping support are used as the cost driver? c. What is the difference in the allocation to each department between the two drivers? d. Which of the two drivers is better? Why?

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