The golden age of islam



    Select one key achievement, one key figure, and one contribution that impacts life today from the chart below.

    Key Achievements     Key Figures     Contribution That Impacts Life Today

    House of Wisdom


    Canon by Avicenna

    Book of Optics by Ibn al-Haytham

    Spread of Arabic

    One Thousand and One Nights     Al-Zahrawi




    Ibn Rushd     Papermaking

    Arabesque and geometric designs

    Arabic numerals/zero


    Create a three-slide presentation about the Golden Age of Islam. Your presentation will include one slide for the key achievement you selected, one slide for the key figure you selected, and one slide for a contribution that impacts life today.

    On each slide, include all of the following:

        title to grab the reader’s attention

        an image that represents the selected achievement, key figure, or contribution

        description of selected achievement, key figure, or contribution written in complete sentences

        explanation of how each achievement, key figure, or contribution was important during the Golden Age of Islam and/or impacts life today


Be sure your responses are written in your own words.

Please submit your presentation in one of the following formats: .pdf, .ppt, .doc, .rtf.

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