Literature #10 db | Literature homework help


Reflection, When the black man speaks, poem. 


If a person is deprived of being heard, frustration, anxiety, injustice can result.

In early television, the conclusion of a story showed a paralyzed man who was about to undergo an autopsy because medicine at that time could not see any evidence of life.  The man on the gurney knew what was happening but he could not cry out or even blink.   But a tear started down his cheek. Then another. The doctor, seeing this, realized that there was life and saved the man. 

In Medieval times, sometimes people were mistakenly buried while still alive. In an attempt to rectify this, a string connected the person’s hand to a bell above ground, which the person would pull to get help. 

In this poem, the man is assigned guilt.  No one wants to hear the man. He is voiceless to articulate his case. Why does he repeat Hurrah for tomatoes

100 word maximum. Lead with the thesis sentence that captures the focus of your view.

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