Security models | Information Systems homework help

A properly aligned security model ensures an organization’s valuable  assets are protected. There are many different security models, and each  serves a specific purpose. Often, an organization will incorporate more  than one model, or possibly even create its own.

Review the Bell La Padula model, the Denning  Information Flow model, Rushby’s model, the Biba model, and the  Clark-Wilson model for security specification from Chapter  2, “Security  of Technical Systems in Organizations” of your course textbook, Principles of Information Systems Security.

Create a table in Microsoft Word differentiating the  Bell La Padula model, the Denning Information Flow model, Rushby’s  model, the Biba model, and the Clark-Wilson model based on the following  topics:

  1. Name of the model
  2. Axioms of the model
  3. Level of access of the model
  4. Hierarchy of company model
  5. Whether the model deals with integrity or security (or both)

The overall table should provide enough information so that the purpose of each model can be explained.

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