Infectious diseases project | Physiology homework help

 Include name of the disease ( Meningitis) and student(s) name

 The paper must have academic style

Write each topic in the order given)
– Name the infectious disease.
– Mention the organism(s) that cause the disease.
– Pick the most common organism that causes the disease and tell about the organism:
Classification of the organism, organism’s habitat, general characteristics and virulence
factors of the organism (Include pictures of the microorganism (bacteria, virus, helminth).  
– About the disease:
– Write how is the disease transmitted, what is the portal(s) of entry and, where does it cause
problems in humans’ body (what organs or system(s) are affected.
– Signs and symptoms (include pictures of them).

– Diagnosis and Treatment.
– Prevention.
– Epidemiology: Include cases in U.S. and/or where is mostly present, who gets affected (kids,
women, men, all), and it there are cases of nosocomial infections or not and why.
– References

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