Exam 405321 the curriculum part 2

Exam 405321 The curriculum part 2
1. Which of the following activities represents the democratic portion of the social studies curriculum? A. Children vote on a name for a class gerbil. B. Children study the interaction between home and workplace environments. C. Children make a family
tree. D. Children learn the layout of the grounds surrounding their classroom.

2. What is the relationship between sounds and letters in the written language known as? A. Graphemes B. Literacy C. Phonics D. Phonemes

3. Giving children information about how their actions affect others is one way teachers use _______ as a play intervention strategy. A. coaching B. modeling C. expanding D. mediating

4. Social _______ describes the focus area(s) of the social domain. A. awareness B. competence C. responsibility D. skills

5. Which of the following is not something to be considered when selecting a theme for a particular group of children? A. The relevance of the topic to the children B. The availability of resources C. Curriculum requirements D. Whether it involves technology 6. Which is the least mature grip on a writing implement? A. Tripod grip with fingers well away from the tip B. Tripod grip with the implement resting on the index finger, near the tip C. Fist grip with the thumb toward the point D. Fist grip with
the thumb away from the point

7. Which of the following is an example of a project-approach activity for a preschool class? A. A class spends several days on various activities about the plumbing in their building, including a field trip to the basement to see how the water heater works. B. The children work together painting a large cardboard box that they can use in pretend play to represent anything they want. C. All the children who are ready for literacy activities work in a group; those who aren’t ready play with the blocks. D. At 9:00 in the morning every day, half the children in the class do sorting and counting activities while the other half work on an art project. After 20 minutes, the groups switch.

8. The purpose of using activities related to diverse cultures is to provide opportunities A. for children to feel more comfortable with people less familiar to them. B. to learn languages other than English quickly. C. for learning experiences about the dominant culture. D. to make the dramatic play area more interesting.

9. Which of the following is not part of negotiating a conflict? A. Accepting reasonable disagreement B. Explaining the reasons behind a suggested solution C. Enforcing your preferred solution D. Listening to and acknowledging others’ rights,
opinions, and feelings

10. Which of the following would constitute an example of alliteration? A. Suzy sells seashells by the seashore. B. Tall, fall, ball, small, call C. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. D. The beautiful moon rose over the sleepy town.

11. The development of fine motor skills requires all of the following except A. instruction. B. maturation. C. criticism. D. practice.

12. _______ awareness describes the perceptual motor skills most closely associated with understanding how the child’s own body is in space (up/down, on/off). A. Directional B. Temporal C. Balance D. Figure-ground

13. Which of the following is not a good strategy for a teacher to use in making transitions fun? A. Help children come down the hall quietly by holding their finger over their mouths in the “shhh” sign. Use this strategy every time they’re in the hallway. B. Practice a new physical skill to move from one area to another. For example, skip from group time to the cubby to get coats before going outside. C. Sing a song at cleanup time. D. Help children come down the hall quietly by pretending to “sneak” past the director’s office, varying what they pretend on different days. For example, they can sneak one day, come quiet as a mouse on another.

14. Which of the following is a false statement about developing writing skills? A. Word walls are an important part of the writing center. B. Children should be encouraged to draw ideas before writing about them. C. Children should be started out writing on lined paper, to help them develop written language properly from the beginning. D. Children should be encouraged to read back what they’ve written.

15. Which of the following is is not likely to be an effective method of enhancing auditory skills? A. Making available audio recordings of stories with interactive headphones B. Playing a game like Simon Says C. Jingling a wind chime to signal the end of center play D. Asking children to follow a set of 20 verbal instructions

16. Using essential theme criteria, which would probably be the most appropriate theme for a group of suburban preschool-age children living in Michigan? A. The desert B. Vehicles C. Santa Claus D. Pockets

17. Movements that lead to academic or cognitive outcomes are ________ skills. A. fine-motor B. manipulative C. large-motor D. perceptual motor
18. _______ awareness describes the perceptual motor skills most closely associated with understanding complex rhythm patterns.
A. Directional
B. Figure-ground
C. Temporal
D. Balance
19. Which of the following themes would probably be least appropriate for a group of four-year-olds who live in the inner city?
A. The farm
B. Family
C. Community helpers
D. Birds
20. Which of the following is not a good approach to teaching health, nutrition, and safety for preschool children?
A. Develop themes related to health, safety, and nutrition topics.
B. Plan instructional activities to teach health, safety, and nutrition content.
C. Explain that children should be more conscious of health, safety, and nutrition than their teachers.
D. Incorporate health, safety, and nutrition into daily events and routines

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