Group project about autism | Fundamentals of Communication | Middle Tennessee State University

                                           I am a  Researcher  on this project 

  You will have young adults with Autism and Down syndrome looking at your website. 

**********For this group project, you will need to provide research on the following:

1)Best practices in teaching someone with the disability that you have selected as your focus for your audience.

 2)Best practices for communicating with someone with the disability that you have selected as your focus for your audience.

 Any sources that you used to gather information will be part of your works cited. You need 3 sources, but you can have more than 3.


An outside link is a link to a website for an organization that is either connected to your project or relates to your project. You must have 3 outside links.

All groups need to use as one of the 3 links.

Websites for organizations that work with people with the disability of your focus.


  1)Write your reflection paragraphs. Each person needs to write his or her own paragraph to answer the questions: What did you learn? How did this project help you better understand an element of communication? How can you take what you learned and apply it outside of this class?

******** EXAMPLES

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