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The student will complete a research assignment based on a major disaster/emergency and will provide a comprehensive critique of the event regarding the use, or lack thereof, and effectiveness of mitigation and preparedness as both related to said event. First, the student will describe the event in detail. The student should use his or her first two research assignments to evaluate the results or actions stemming from the mitigation and recovery efforts of the disaster/emergency under examination. As a recap the student should attempt to address these issues:

The following headings should be included as applicable and as each would apply to the event in question: mitigation overview, enabling and guiding policies and legislation, the local, state, and federal government role, the risk analysis process, Countermeasures selection (aka mitigation strategies); various risk assessment tools such as but not limited to CARVER, general mitigation strategies to include structural and non-structural (if you can’t tell what as or was not done as it pertain to your even you can still suggest what could have been done).

The following headings will be included preparedness overview, enabling and guiding policies and legislation, the local, state, and federal government role, preparedness programs, steps and activities involving preparedness, and the concept of resiliency at the individual and community level. Also, how preparedness could have or should have been employed. How Continuity of Operations Planning helps with preparedness and fits into the mitigation process.

Recommendations for improvement for both mitigation and preparedness.

The student will write at minimum a 7-full page research-oriented assignment in current APA format. The assignment must include at least 7 sources (which should include the class textbooks and readings). 

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