Module 1, assignment 1 – reflection on customer relationship

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Read only Sections one,  two  and three of this article for this module. 

and (Links to an external site.)


1.   Define CRM and how it is evolving through the use of technology, increased competition, and increased focus on customers.   Provide an analysis of the following: 

                 1.  Enterprise Resource Planning

                 2.  Define the concept of customer lifetime value (do an internet search of the term to expand your definition) 

                 3.  Identify and evaluate at least one Frequent Shopper Program and Loyalty Focused Program

                 4.  Define what a customer relationship management model is and provide examples.  

 2.    Provide an an analysis of the  “Gaming Corporation” and how the implementation of a CRM strategy helped their business.  What changes were made? 

 3.  Define Customer Data Integration.   What are the challenges facing CRM and Customer Data Integration?

 4.  Define customer-centric and how it has changed customer relationship management. 

There is no page length defined because it is expected that you will answer each question with a strong definition of the concepts, references to the readings and analysis. You grade is based upon content. 



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