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Scatter Diagram Analysis

The regional sales manager for American Toys, Inc., recently  collected data on weekly sales (in dollars) for the 15 stores in his  region. He also collected data on the number of salesclerk work hours  during the week for each of the stores. The data are as follows:

     Store Sales Hours   1 23,300 120   2 25,600 135   3 19,200 96   4 10,211 102   5 19,330 240   6 35,789 190   7 12,540 108   8 43,150 234   9 27,886 140   10 54,156 300   11 34,080 254   12 25,900 180   13 36,400 270   14 25,760 175   15 31,500 256    

To complete this assignment:

  1. Use Excel to develop a scatter diagram of the data, including dependent and independent variables on their correct axis.
  2. In a Word document, analyze the relationship between sales and number of clerk hours worked.
  3. Conclude, based on the scatter diagram, what adjustments the  sales manager might make to address the relationship between sales and  number of clerk hours worked. 
  4. Submit your work in a Word document with your Excel file attached. 

How to insert an Excel spreadsheet into Microsoft Word? There are several ways to do it. Choose the one that works for you.

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