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 Document Analysis #3. See the Document Analysis Guidelines posted under the Course Information site.

First, you should analyze Dubois and Lee’s arguments.  Here are some questions that may help you:

  • How did Trujillo enforce American foreign policy?
  • What are examples of how Trujillo used his power and American support to shape a contemporary Dominican identity?
  • What is their argument?  Do you agree?  Why or why not?

Then, you should think about the Era of Trujillo and the events that led to his assassination.

  • Who were the local opposing political forces? What were they fighting for?
  • What did his assassination shape the political sphere in the country?
  • How did the Cuban Revolution effect American foreign policy toward the Dominican Republic?.
  • Some Dominicans speak fondly of Trujillo.  Why do you think this is the case?
  • In your opinion, what have been the effects of the 30-year Trujillo dictatorship? Why do you say this?
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