Choose the definition of: export

1. Choose the definition of: Export

a. to send in

b. to move about

c. to send out

d. to keep mobile



2. Choose the definition of: Mutation

a. non-varying

 b. a teen turtle

c. birth

d. act of change


3. Choose the definition of : Vegetarian

a. a person who eat only diary

b. a person who does not eat meat

c. a person who eats only meat and no diary

d. a person who does not eat meat or diary


4.Choose the definition of : Outwards

 a. inside exterior

b. outside interior

c. inside interior

 d. outside exterior


5. Choose the definition of : Constructers

a. people who partake in demolitions

b. people who build

c. people who paint

d. people who do plumbing


6. Choose the definition of: Kinesics


a. study of biology

b. study of composition

 c. Study of body movement

d. study of mathematical formulas


7. Choose the definition of : Ironic

a. having

b. having hospitality

c. Having humility

d. Having satire


8.Choose the definition of : Vertebrates

a. having several backbones

b. have a backbone

c. Having no backbone

d. having lost a backbone


9. Choose the definition of : Genetic

a. developed muscles

b. unit of space

c. Unit of heredity

 d. Unit of measure


10.Choose the definition of: Vindictive

a. inclined to revenge

 b. angry

c. Kind-hearted

d. included to obey



11. Choose the definition of : Plagiarism

a. Passing off the work of someone else as your own

b. Passing off your work of your own to other people

c. Passing off the work to other people

d. Passing off your work autionomously



12.Choose the definition of : Invertebrates

a. having several backbones

 b. have a backbone

c. Having no backbone

d. having lost backbone


13. Choose the definition of: Beautifully

a. Amusing and cleaver

 b. Pleasing and satisfying

 c. Ugly and putrid


14.Choose the definition of: Professionalism

a. Distinguished from amateur

b. Distinguished from professional

c. Distinguished from student

d. Distinguished from parent


15. Choose the definition of : Igneous

a. Characteristic of the sun

b. characteristic of wind

c. characteristic of fire

d. characteristic of the ice.

16. Choose of the definition of : Anteroom

 a. waiting room

b. a room inside a room

c. A laundry room

d. A room outside the house


17. Choose the definition of: Prelude

a. something that precedes something else

b. something that goes before something else

c. something that goes concurring with something else


18.Choose the definition of : Meaningfully

a. Full of significance and purpose

b. full of despite and a anger

c. full of frustration and hate

d. full love and admiration


19. Choose the definition of : Restrictive

a. unlimited application

b. limitation of application

c. Varying in application


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