Which of the following bases for segmentation is employed when


Question 1

Which of the following bases for segmentation is employed when consumers are grouped according to their use of a product or service (heavy versus light)?






1 points

Question 2

Coca-Cola’s offerings of diet, cherry-flavored, vanilla-flavored, and caffeine-free versions of its product in addition to its original product reflect the company’s decision to serve:

concentrated markets.

differentiated markets.

a demographic segment.

an undifferentiated market.

geographic segmentation.

1 points

Question 3

Today many people take an aspirin at their doctor’s recommendation as preventive medicine. The maker of Bayer aspirin has added calcium to its aspirin. The calcium is also often recommended by doctors to help maintain bone density. There are many types of aspirin on the market, but only one brand that contains calcium. For Bayer, this calcium additive is an example of:

brand quality.

brand equity.

a competitive advantage.

brand power.

a market opportunity.

1 points

Question 4

When Bruce Teilhaber opened his men’s shoe store, he decided to carry a full line of shoes in the larger, hard-to-find sizes. Today, his shoe store caters to professional basketball, baseball, and football players who appreciate the variety and quality of shoes Tielhaber carries and often order a dozen new pairs in a single visit. This shoe store uses:

market aggregation.

undifferentiated marketing.

concentrated marketing.

market atomization.

demographic segmentation.

1 points

Question 5

Anyone who has ever attended a state fair understands how complicated the ticketing system can be. Attendees buy a number of tickets and then turn them in to various ride operators. One ride may require three tickets, another five, and another two. The system was complicated for workers and for consumers. A company named Funtastic has developed a SmartCard that is purchased at the ticket booth for any amount customers want to spend. Each ride requires one swipe of the card, and the amount of the ride is deducted electronically from the card’s total. Funtastic has recognized a:

market opportunity.

market segment.

competitive advantage.

market strength.

market threat.

1 points

Question 6

General Foods’ determination that Southerners preferred milder mustard than those in the Northeast led the company to develop a new “Southern Style Mustard.” This strategy best exemplifies:

geographic segmentation.

lifestyle segmentation.

concentrated marketing.

usage segmentation.

undifferentiated marketing.

1 points

Question 7

The marketing mix variable that deals with what a consumer must give up to purchase a product or service is:






1 points

Question 8

_____ consists of the combination of the name, logo, symbols, design, packaging, and image of associations held by consumers.

Marketing mix

Promotional mix

Brand identity


Product symbolism

1 points 

Question 9

_____ is about building and maintaining a favorable identity and image of the company and/or its products or services in the mind of the consumer.






1 points

Question 10

Volvo’s strategy of emphasizing the safety of its cars in their advertising reflects a positioning strategy based on:

benefit segmentation.

demographic segmentation.

psychographic segmentation.

positioning by competitor.

positioning by product class.




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