Write the paper with the the requirement and related with the word

To receive credit, you must post a well thought out, substantive comment of at least a short paragraph.  Postings such as “I agree” or “good thought” will not count for credit.  Of course you may build on the comments of other students with substantial additions. Feel free to post questions and/or comments in addition to your original posting.  Your comment should demonstrate that you have read the myth in question and NOT just the notes. TO RECEIVE CREDIT, YOU MUST POST BEFORE THE NEXT UNIT BEGINS.

Discussion Guidelines:

  • Use professional, proper language.  Please remember that this is a class assignment, not an IM chat with your friends.
  • Use correct spelling, grammar, etc., as much as possible.
  • Respect the opinions of others.
  • Focus your comments on the posted topic.
  • Your comments must be of substantial length and depth to receive full credit.  You may respond to what others have posted, but do not COPY comments of other students. 
  • Feel free to post your thought processes regarding the topic. There is not a “right” answer expected in the Discussion Forums.  Rather, you are expected to engage with the material.  However, you ARE expected to demonstrate in your posting that you have read the material and thought about the topic

TOPIC FOR THIS FORUM: How would you compare Ananse and Coyote (from the Dine bahane’ in the Native American unit)?  How are they similar and different?  Is their significance in their respective mythologies the same or different?  What are listeners supposed to learn from Coyote?  from Ananse?

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