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Question 1 

With respect to dealing with abstract concepts, which statement is most accurate?

A. Emotions have no place in any kind of academic essay. 

B. An essay dealing with abstract concepts can appeal to intellectual curiosity. 

C. An essay dealing with abstract concepts should reveal the author’s bias. 

D. Abstract concepts cannot be shown to have any actual meaning. 

Question 2 

In our text discussion, we compared a two-way conversation with a top-down situation, such as that which students encounter when listening to a lecture. What was this comparison intended to illustrate?

A. The need to pay attention to an instructor’s lecture 

B. The value of active reading 

C. The dehumanizing atmosphere of college classrooms 

D. The importance of studying a class syllabus 

Question 3 

As you analyze an essay, you can use your own words to summarize the author’s key ideas and map out the organization of the essay’s key points. This is called

A. critiquing. 

B. anchoring. 

C. summation. 

D. transcribing. 

Question 4 

Which statement is most clearly subjective?

A. In my view, the data support the professor’s assertions. 

B. My common sense tells me that money is the root of all evil. 

C. Wars are fought over ideas, land, and resources. 

D. It has been suggested that Nero suffered from lead poisoning. 

Question 5 

Which statement is true?

A. An accepted fact must be true. 

B. Opinions can be both true and false. 

C. Facts are subjective opinions. 

D. Opinions are neither true nor false. 

Question 6 

In your text, we cited the old saying, “Don’t shoot the messenger.” Which kind of logical fallacy were we referring to?

A. Tautology 

B. Red herring 

C. Overgeneralization 

D. Ad hominem 

Question 7 

Which statement best defines the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy?

A. If events A and B happen simultaneously, they’re caused by event C. 

B. If John breaks his leg after ignoring a stop sign, John must not have seen the stop sign. 

C. If event B follows event A, B must have been caused by A. 

D. If Jill fills a bucket with water while at the well, the well must contain water. 

Question 8 

A rhetorical tautology is most simply defined as

A. a false argument. 

B. nonsensical prose. 

C. a circular argument. 

D. a slanted argument. 

Question 9 

According to Dunn, because copyright laws restrict the flow of information, they’re

A. illegal. 

B. oppressive. 

C. seldom enforced. 

D. schizophrenic. 

Question 10 

Which sentence is most likely to be based on facts?

A. People who see the “man in the moon” are sensitive and creative. 

B. According to Plato, virtue is its own reward. 

C. Over 20 trials, 50 percent of the rats ran the maze in less than a minute. 

D. Abstract nouns, such as “truth” and “justice,” can never be strictly defined. 

Question 11 

“Nature is bountiful, which is why logging should be strictly regulated.” Which logical fallacy is illustrated in this sentence?

A. Ad hominem 

B. Non Sequitur

C. Post hoc ergo propter hoc 

D. Red herring 

Question 12 

Which statement best illustrates an exception fallacy?

A. Lucy thinks all fish make her sick because she got sick after eating sushi. 

B. Conrad assumes Dale is lying because Dale seldom tells the truth. 

C. Brock assumes all vegetables are nutritious except for raw carrots. 

D. Eloise enjoys detective novels except for those written by women. 

Question 13 

Many early humans were predators; therefore, all humans are predators. This statement illustrates the _______ fallacy.

A. red herring 

B. slippery-slope 

C. bandwagon

D. none of the above 

Question 14 

Which statement best illustrates an ad hominem argument?

A. If you ask me, Jolly Flakes is just another sugar cereal. 

B. Based on letters, one can safely assume that Ben Franklin was a womanizer. 

C. It seems to me that Caldwell may be comparing apples and oranges. 

D. The author’s flimsy argument is what we would expect from an alcoholic. 

Question 15 

In his essay “Revolutions of Time,” Dunn would agree with all of the following statements except for which one?

A. Authors may or may not be served by copyrights on their work. 

B. Intellectual properties, such as poems or novels, are intangible commodities. 

C. Intellectual property is just like any other kind of tangible property. 

D. During most of human history, creative works resided in the public domain. 

Question 16 

Which statement best illustrates a logical tautology?

A. You can observe a sunrise if you rise at dawn and look out a window. 

B. Angels are either mortal or immortal. 

C. There’s no success that isn’t preceded by failure. 

D. To access correct information, consult a reliable source. 

Question 17 

A college student is generally expected to do all of the following except

A. emphasize the subjective over the objective. 

B. conduct scholarly research. 

C. master standard American English. 

D. conduct online research. 

Question 18 

All of the following may be a source of evidence in an essay except for which one?

A. Personal observations 

B. Analogies 

C. Criteria 

D. Research reports 

Question 19 

In general terms, logical fallacies originate from

A. unproven assumptions. 

B. lies. 

C. insufficient data. 

D. false assumptions. 

Question 20 

According to Dunn, the notion of intellectual property rights resulted from the

A. digital revolution. 

B. invention of printing. 

C. demands of authors seeking fair compensation. 

D. Industrial Revolution.

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