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6 Different Paragraphs of 200 – 250 words that discuss Communication, or more specifically poor communication, can be one of the most stressful issues to deal with in life, let alone the workplace. Developing effective communication skills will enable you to contribute to the organization for which you work more productively and efficiently. Effective communication skills are often cited by employers as the most required skill set when recruiting. 1. The first paragraph should show an example of effective or ineffective communication. A link to a video or an example of written communication for everyone else to consider can be used. Then explain why you have chosen this example – what, in your opinion, makes it a good example of effective or ineffective communication? 2. How can you develop effective communication skills for the workplace? 3. How this affects you and the organisation that you work in 4. Your level of efficiency in various numerical activities, such as your ability to work with numbers, shapes, measurements, graphs, or to read statistical data, and how this may affect present or future employment. After viewing this link. 5. If in the current position you are in as a marketing brand manager, are any if the numerical activities used or not, and how it help you? 6. Conclusion paragraph on communication, good and poor communication and its effects. 

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