This a description what you should write and see the link what did


This a description what you should write and see the link

What did you find most interesting? Surprising? As you comment, read others’ comments and engage in the discussion. When you look at a primary source such as this, be sure to analyze the circumstances. Who were the interviewers? What was their agenda? Were the questions “canned” or open-ended? What are the strengths of oral histories? What might be some of their weaknesses? 
HINT: When were these interviews taken? How old were these interviewees? When were they slaves? How old were they then? What were their experiences like when compared to those elders around them?

write a paragraph base on the description

see the link and Read: NC Slave Narratives: Interviews: Adams, Louisa through Barbour, Mary.
Book: pp. 1-82…

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