Essential services personal interview | Applied Sciences homework help

Essential Services Personal Interview

Select a population (maternal, infant, child, adolescent, young adults, older adults, elderly) and research the most critical health issues affecting this population. 

Describe the most critical health issues affecting your selected population.

Describe at least three public health/community services that exist in your own community to address these issues.

Contact one of these services’ directors (or representative) and inquire about the agency’s effectiveness by asking these questions: 

Do you feel your organization has made a difference?

What are your main barriers and how are the barriers to services being addressed?

What are the ethical considerations of your services and how are they addressed?

How is your organization funded?

What concerns are still unmet in your opinion? Are these areas that will be addressed in the future?

What role does your organization play in the overall public health arena? 

Present a brief overview of the organization, including its mission and goals/objectives, and then post your interview notes in the discussion forum

Your original post must contain at least one additional scholarly source in addition to the textbook.

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