The effects of business on consumers and the environment: case study: | PHI 445 Personal & Organizational Ethics | Ashford University


introduce the Perdue case within the particular subject heading that  you have chosen. In this introduction, you will also need to (1)  articulate the relevant characteristics of our mixed economic system and  (2) present the regulations for the factory farming industry. These  will provide the setting for you to be able to examine how the nation’s  laws affect its operations.

In the second part of your initial post, present your analysis of the  problem in a way that identifies which entities (Perdue as a  corporation, the economic system in the USA, the regulatory control of  the state, or all of these) have a role in the problem that you have  presented. In your analysis, you must assess the negative effects of the  interplay between business activity and one of the following: the  environment, advertising, consumer safety, or corporate social  responsibility. Your focus must be an ethical analysis of this  interplay, and it must be well supported by reliable and/or scholarly  sources by clearly identifying the ethical theory that you are applying  in your analysis.

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