Create iste exercise/quiz (please read carefully)

Create ISTE Exercise/Quiz

Create an online learning activity (such as a game) or a quiz that helps learners interact with and test their knowledge of the ISTE Standards for Teachers  ( . Use one of the sites listed in the Week Three Resources document or one you find on your own.

Your online quiz/activity must allow learners to review, learn or self-assess their knowledge of each of the five ISTE Standards for Teachers and five substandards (one for each standard) for a minimum of 10 items. 

Create a Word document that contains a link to your activity/quiz. In this document, include each question or item and the correct answer if applicable for each question. For each item, indicate which standard and which substandard you addressed (include the entire standard or substandard). Format your document according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. You can also refer to the APA Guidance section of the classroom, which can be accessed through the Learning Resources tab in the left navigation pane. Include an APA-formatted title page and a references page that lists the tool you use and a link to the ISTE Standards for Teachers. 

Examples that you can create for this assignment include creating a game or flashcards, or maybe a PowerPoint Jeopardy game that reviews the standards. Or, perhaps you want to create a quiz with matching or multiple-choice questions. It’s up to you! 

Check your understanding of ISTE-T terminology while exploring one possible approach to creating a self-check quiz. Here is an example quiz  ( created using a free quiz-generating tool (note that the answers are not correct). There are many tools you can use for this assignment (just make sure you can provide a working link or turn it in some other way) and here are some suggestions: 

Quiz, Activity, and Game Creators



Quiz, Activity, and Game Creators


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