Df 2-msm | Management homework help

 Please refer to the online textbook pages 103-107 (online pdf page numbers) 76-81 (textbook page numbers):

Introduction to the Activity

We must understand how processes align and how this affects transformation. Effective change agents understand the concept of open systems to make decisions that take into consideration how change in one part of the organization creates change in others. Kotter’s integrative model of organizational change helps highlight the relationships between organizational processes and structural elements.

Consider the Following:

Complete Change Tool 4.1 on pages 78-80 (Hayes)

  • After completing steps one through eight, compare the two lists.
  • Specify the actual and potential problems that could undermine organizational effectiveness.
  • Explain how you might improve the efficacy of your approach to organizational diagnosis.
  • How does Kotter’s integrative model of organizational dynamics help you interpret the importance of the alignment to the effectiveness of organizational change initiatives over the medium and long-term?


Further Instructions on DF 2

Before crafting your answer to DF 2, you must complete Change Tool 4.1 on pages 78-80 of the Hayes text. You do not have to show us the various steps or tables, but you will need the information to answer the questions.  To begin with, you will be comparing your two lists compiled in Steps 1 and 4. This is a list of inputs and outputs from your point of view and a list of effectiveness indicators from both your point of view and the point of view of the supplying organization, department or work group.  Let me give you an example.

Using my position as Professor of Management in a large, private university, my Step 1 chart could list faculty, funding/money and students as Inputs and Student Placement, Institutional Financial Health, and Reputation in the Marketplace as outputs.

Using Students as my focal input (step 2), I could identify the Marketing Department as the department for getting students.

For Step 3, I could list the following indicators that I use to assess the effectiveness of the Marketing Department:  # of applicants, Conversion rate of applicants to new students, Quality of students admitted.

For Step 4, I could rank my indicators from 1-5 as to how effective the Marketing Department is and then list the indicators they use to assess their own effectiveness and rank those. These might include:  # of new students, # of inquiries, # of applicants, Conversion rate, and % of Increase over last year.

Now, you get into the written assignment.  Let’s use 4 paragraphs.

Start with a brief intro reminding us of the organization and your role.

In your second paragraph, you compare the two lists you generated in Steps 1 and 4 of Exercise 4.1  and point out any actual or potential problems that could undermine organizational effectiveness.  For example, using my example above, I might point out that while my interest in Quality of Students admitted is a very high indicator of the effectiveness of the Marketing Department, their primary indicator of success is the total number of new students.  This points out an obvious problem (actual and potential) in that faculty are looking for quality of admits while Marketing is concerned primarily about numbers. 

In your third paragraph, explain how you might improve the efficacy of your approach to organizational diagnosis.  For example, how can you get better information?  More information?  Other perspectives? Do you think you have any biases?

In your final paragraph, discuss the final question related to the Kotter model and its ability to help you interpret the importance of alignment in the medium and long term.  (The Kotter model begins on page 133 in Chapter 7). 

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