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A W 8
Could we solve the problem of social disorganization simply through investing large sums of money in a community?  Why or why not?
(Response to the above)
W 8 D Q    The Aikers text discusses Conflict Theory.   It states “Conflict theory would lead one to conclude that without fundamental structural changes in society, not much can be done about crime.”
Do you agree or disagree with this statement?  Why or why not.
(Response to the above)
W 8 D Q 2
Describe and explain the five zones as explained by Burgess.
                           (Response to the above)
 8 DQ 1
I would have to disagree with this statement. I feel like this question calls for a person to interpret what they have taken from the text. Personally, I feel like conflict theory explains a lot on how the hierarchy of social order affects society. Meaning, minorities tend to be targets. And not just minorities, but the lower class working individuals. The Conflict Theory reminds me of the term “price tag justice”. Take for instance you have two people in jail for the same offense, one is a successful business man, the other is a cashier at a local store. The business man will have the available funds to make bail and not have to sit in jail, while the other gentleman cannot make bail and must stay in jail. Price tag justice, those higher on the social chain will come out on top. Crime will be around no matter what. Law enforcement calls it “job security”. Yes I do think that it is neccessary to have laws and regulations. Because without these things, people would have nothing to conform to and there would be social disorder.
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W 8 D 1
I would have to disagree with the statement that fundamental structural changes in society would help crime.  I do not think there is any one single thing that can help eliminate crime.  Crime is something that will be around for all of eternity and while some things might help reduce the amount of crime, I don’t think it will ever stop entirely.  Society has a lot to do with crime and I think that making some structural changes could help with crime, but I don’t think it is the most important thing that can be done.  It is just one part of a series of things that can be done to help reduce crime.
(Give a short response to the above)
_D Y
w 8 DQ 2
Ernest Burgess created five rings or zones that made up the city ( Akers & Sellers, 2013). Zone 1 was the center zone and was identified as the central business district. Here is where the department stores, sky scraper office buildings and city government is located. The heavy industry is usually around the outside boundary of this zone. The “zone in transition” or Zone II is the area of rundown housing and newly arrived imigrants and the poor occupy. These dieing neighborhoods are being taken over by manufactoring industries.  Burgess calls Zone III the zone of workingmen’s homes. It is here that the skilled workers and factory employees take residence. Those living in Zone III have managed to work enough to get out of the ghetto of Zone II. He combined Zones IV and V as the residental and commuter zones. In these zones is where the white collar, or business people that work in Zone I, live with their families.
(Give a short response to the above)
Zone theory
Zone I is the bullseye area of the target.  This is called the central business district which is where department stores, office buildings, hotels, and city government can be found.  Zone II is the “zone in transition” area.  This zone is comprised of rundown housing and deteriorating neighborhoods.  Zone III is the “zone of workingment’s homes” where skilled workers who work in zone II live.  Zone IV and Zone V is the residential zone and the “communter zone” where many white-collar workers live with their families.
(Give a short response to the above)

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