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Your Customized Degree Plan

In the Unit 8 Assignment, you will use the information provided about the program and classes, combined with your intended career and academic goals, to review and select the elective classes for your customized degree plan. This will give you a preliminary academic map to work toward your degree goal throughout your studies.

This Assignment has two parts:
In Part I, you will create your customized degree plan in an Excel spreadsheet and select your electives. Part II asks you to explain the reasoning behind your choices in your degree plan.

Part I: Customized Degree Plan
As you may have noticed, your degree plan has both required courses and courses that you get to choose, called electives. To create your customized degree plan, you will choose each of the elective classes that will fulfill the elective credit hour requirements in your degree plan. 

The point of this exercise is to get you actively involved in your class choices based on your career plans.
Think about the career plan you have made for yourself and decide whether you are more interested in pursuing a more general knowledge of the fire science field or perhaps a more concentrated area. Cater your elective choices to fit your career needs. You may choose to follow the sample degree plans provided or create your own elective choices.

Download Sample Degree Plan
In Course Documents, there are sample degree plans provided for the Associate’s Degree in Fire Science, Bachelor’s Degree in Fire Science, and the Bachelor’s Degree in Fire and Emergency Management. Go to Course Documents and you should see a list of documents similar to the following.

FS Associates Degree Plan.xlsx
BS Fire Science Degree Plan.xlsx
BS Fire and Emergency Management Degree Plan.xlsx
Student Template FS Associates Degree Plan.xlsx
Student Template BS Fire Science Degree Plan.xlsx
Student Template BS Fire and Emergency Management Degree Plan.xlsx
Download and review the sample degree plan for your respective program and the associated student template for the degree plan. You will use the student template to create your customized degree plan.
The sample degree plan provides a road map for a well-rounded general knowledge of the fire science field in your chosen program.

Choose Electives
After downloading and reviewing the sample degree plan for your program, you will choose each of the elective courses that will fulfill the elective credit hour requirements in your degree plan.

For help in choosing electives, go to the course catalog and read the descriptions for all the elective courses that seem of interest to you. These course descriptions should help you to further understand the skills and knowledge that will be featured in the courses available.

After reading the course descriptions, make your elective choices and use the student template to complete your customized degree plan. Be sure you have met the appropriate amount of credits for your elective options. Remember your customized degree plan will serve as a guide for ongoing conversations with your advisor.
Note: For the Associates degree plan, you can only choose electives from the 100–200 level courses.

Part II: Explanation of Your Choices
To complete this portion of the Assignment, go to Course Documents, click the “Sample Customized Degree Plan” category and download the FS100 Unit8

Part II Assignment Template.doc. You will use this template to record your answers to the questions below about your customized degree plan. Be sure to use solid critical thinking when addressing each of these items.

Why have you chosen the elective classes included in your degree plan?

What skills and knowledge do you expect to learn from these classes?

How will these individual skills and

knowledge help you in your field?

How will these electives further your career goals in general?

Answer each question in paragraph form. Your responses should be double spaced, using 12 point Arial font, and Standard American English. Your answers will be based on your thoughts and, therefore, will not require outside citations. However, if you do cite outside references, you will have to provide the source information. In addition, your Assignment should demonstrate careful proofreading.

Keep in mind that college students are expected to have strong writing skills, and you should put forth your best writing effort for this Assignment. You may not be at a point where you have strong writing skills, but you will have every opportunity to develop them as you continue through your program of study. Be sure to use the resources available to you through the Writing Resources site for help on this or any other assignment in your studies. In addition to live tutoring, the Writing Resources site has ongoing student workshops, a Writing Reference Library, and more.
Download Unit 8 Assignment Checklist
Directions for Submitting Your Assignment
Your degree plan should be in an Excel spreadsheet and your explanation of choices should be in a Word document. Save your documents with a name you will remember. Be sure to include your name, class, and section number.

My degree plan is Associates in Fire Science

The picture I will send you use the bottom 3 electives to plug them in to the open electives so that someday I can get my Bachelor in Fire Science you will see what I am talking about.


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