Describe the current financial environment in healthcare and its

HS440:Finance For Health Care ASSIGNMENT

Unit 1 Assignment: Defining Healthcare Settings and Integrated Delivery System.
Unit Outcomes addressed in this Assignment:
 Recognize legal and regulatory issues in healthcare
 Understand the basic uses of financial information in decision making.
 Identify the role of finance in health care organizations

Course outcome assessed/addressed in this Assignment:
HS440-1: Describe the current financial environment in healthcare and its influence on decision making.
Utilizing your textbook and the Kaplan Resource Library: a. Briefly describe the following healthcare settings: • Hospitals • Ambulatory care • Home health care • Long-term care • Integrated delivery systems b. What benefits are attributed to integrated delivery systems? c. What are the challenges/drawbacks to implementing integrated delivery systems?
 Responses to the questions should be written in a clear, detailed manner and observe the conventions of Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.).
 Follow APA formatting for the title and reference page, as well as APA formatting within the paper itself (Times New Roman 12-point font and properly double spaced).
 The minimum page limit is 2 pages or 600 words.
 The maximum page limit is 4 pages or 1,200 words.
HS440:Finance For Health Care ASSIGNMENT

 Information should be summarized in your own words with appropriate APA formatting and citation style of in-text citations in the body of the text to acknowledge the source(s) of information.
 Include at least one reference. The course textbook may count towards the reference requirement for this Assignment. All references will follow APA format.
 Follow the conventions of Standard American English (correct grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, etc.).
 Your work should display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics.
 For additional support, utilize the Kaplan Writing Center and review the document entitled, “Writing Center Resources,” found in Doc sharing.


 I need 1000 words paper with 3-4 scholar references. NO PHARGIARISM!! Please Read and follow carefully all the instructions and requirements (Grading rubric) attached below.




Read the following in your text: (book: Fundamentals of Healthcare Finance, 2nd edition by Gapenski, Louis. C.


  • Chapter 1: “Introduction to Healthcare Finance”

Chapter 1 will introduce you to the role of healthcare finance today. You may not realize that in today’s healthcare professions, healthcare finance is one of the top competencies required. Chapter 1 shares the importance of healthcare finance on both administrative and clinical positions in healthcare today while sharing vital information on legal and regulatory issues in the healthcare industry.

  • Chapter 2: “Healthcare Business Basics”

Chapter 2 will share with you how healthcare finance is a collaborative and inclusive effort to ensure that the goals of the healthcare organization are met. Healthcare finance impacts every department and employee within healthcare organizations. Chapter 2 also will introduce you to the legal forms of business and explain the differences between for-profit and not-for-profit businesses.

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