Letter to mrs. camino about the importance of play.

You are a preschool teacher. Mrs. Camino, the mother of four-your old, Joey, has come to you with a complaint.  It seems that when she asks her son, “What did you do at school today?” He says, “I played.”  Mrs. Camino is furious. She is paying good money and wants Joey to be learning – not playing.

Your job is to convince Mrs. Camino of the importance of play in a child’s life and the risks involved in pushing academics before a child is ready.   Do this by drafting a  minimum of 1 full-page letter (double-spaced) to Mrs. Camino.  Be sure to point out of the various skills in ALL three domains (physical, cognitive, and social) that children develop through play.  Get your points across in a professional manner.  As a teacher your writing should be warm, caring, and informative.  Moreover, as a teacher, you are expected to demonstrate proper grammar and letter writing skills to all parents.  Use the video below to help support your letter.


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