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Answer the Discussion Board board questions in paragraph form.

1.     Give examples of implied and express consent to medical treatment in a hospital emergency room situation.

2.     A patient has just been informed by the physician that she must have a hysterectomy and that there is a question of malignancy. As she leaves the office and you schedule her for hospital admission, she comments: “The doctor makes me feel so good about this. She says that I will be out of the hospital in four days and on my own within a week. Isn’t she a wonderful person? She says that I will be completely cured following my surgery.” How would you handle this situation?

3.     A 16-year-old male comes to the office without an appointment and asks to see the physician because he thinks that he has AIDS. He does not wish to give you his name, parents’ names, or address. You have seen him around town and know that he is a local resident. The physician is not available, but you expect her within an hour. As the agent of the physician, what is your responsibility in this situation?

Recommended Resources

These resources provide additional information about minors making health care decisions:

• Jackson, M. K., Burns, K. K., & Richter, M. S. (2014, June 26). Confidentiality and treatment decisions of minor clients: A health care professional’s dilemma & policy makers challenge. Singerplus, 3. Retrieved from 33Thttps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4094761/33T

• The American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio. (2014). Your health: A guide for teens and the law (7th ed.). Retrieved from 33Thttp://www.acluohio.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/TeenHealthGuide.pdf33T

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