International management | Operations Management homework help

This is a scholarly, data-driven, cited assignment on an international management topic.  The paper is expected to be between 5-6 typed pages of original material.  Also, include a cover page and a bibliography (these are not part of the 5 to 6 pages required).

Use Times New Roman, 12-point font, APA Format, double-spaced.

You should have at least 5 outside sources, plus the text book (a total of 6 sources).  The outside sources CANNOT be wikipedia or a blog.  Ensure that whatever sources you cite within the paper are in your APA bibliography. Remember, every paragraph should have a citation unless it is your opinion. 


Each of you will be assigned a country in Asia and your paper should include the following:         

I choose (India)

Geographical location & map visual – 1/2 page at most for the map

Country demographics & political profile

Human rights issues / or political crisis concerns

(At least one page) Describe the culture. What should a business person know prior to arrival for negotiations?

Power Distance

Long-term/Short-term Orientation

Uncertainty Avoidance

Individualism versus Collectivism

Describe the opportunities and risks of doing business in this country (you can discuss a business that is already in this country if you would like)

You must use multiple sources for this information, at least 5-6 sources to include the textbook

textbook attachment  under in the file 

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