personal health record 1350 words-due 11/9/2020


Respond to the discussion below, use APA format and subheading for each individual question. The attached textbook should be used with 5 other reference. 

1. 150 words—Of the three personal health records programs listed below, which sounds the most appealing? Why? Which seems to be the most innovative or forward-thinking approach?

2. 150 words– The most practical? 

3. 150 words–The most secure?

4. 150 words–What are risk and benefits associated with utilizing personal health records? 

5. 150 words–How can utilizing personal health records enhance client care and outcome? Provide examples. 


Athenahealth’s electronic health records.

Kareo personal health record system. 

One of the principles of an ideal PHR is data sharing; another is data ownership, control, and privacy

1. 150 words–Do you see any potential conflicts between these two principles? Provide example and relational. 

2. 150 words–How do you think these issues can be resolved in the practical use of the PHR?

3. 150 words–What security risk is associated with data sharing within the healthcare setting? 

4. 150 words–How can health providers and information technologist client safety when sharing data? Provide example. 

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