Stem cell research or will to power

 Stem Cell Research, Cloning, and Genetic Engineering & Will to Power

Goal: The goal of this forum is to discuss the ethics of stem cell research, cloning, and genetic engineering and Nietzsche’s ‘Will to Power’. 

Course Objective(s): 

  •  Interpret philosophical texts and apply them to current events. 


Choose one of the following topics to respond. 

Topic A: Stem Cell Research, Cloning, and Genetic Engineering

You may focus on one or more of the following questions.  Do you think that scientists should be give free rein to use every kind of stem cell for research?  Should a person have an automatic “patent” on their genetic code?  Should we pursue human cloning and genetic engineering to the maximum of our technological ability?  Are there ethical limitations on science in any of these areas, and what is the ethical argument for that limitation?

Topic B: Will to Power

Compare Nietzsche’s concept of the “Will to Power” with Alfred Adler’s insight that Nietzsche’s “Will to Power” is not essential to human nature, but is, in fact, a neurotic pattern of behavior based on a “fictional goal” created by the individual in order to cope with the demands of society.

350-400 words excluding references, APA style format and a minimum of 3 references.

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