Wk3 activity | Accounting homework help


Prepare income statements in both job order costing and activity-based costing formats for a hypothetical case. Your example should include at least three activities and at least two products. If you do both correctly the operating income in both statements should be identical. Explain the initial assumptions and the calculations in detail. Provide in-text citations. 


1. Please do the calculations on excel, and then copy to the word document for the submission.

2. Need to explain the initial assumptions and the calculations in detail. 

3. Example should include at least three activities and at least two products.

4. Need at least 3 peer-reviewed article as the reference, and needs to provide in-text citations. 

5. Please find the example and the sample answer of the activity in attachment. You could use the “Second Example for Activity 2” for answering the activity. 

6. Please find the grading rubric attached and go over it before doing the activity.

7. Please find the related PPTs and textbook attached. 

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