Rise of totalitarianism | English homework help

Rise of Totalitarianism
Lesson 19
Please answer the questions below.
1. What is totalitarianism?
2. Why is it necessary for a totalitarian regime to have a permanent revolution?
3. How did Russia’s involvement in World War I help bring on the Russian Revolution?
4. What were some of the other causes of the Russian Revolution?
5. What was the difference between Marxism and Leninism?
6. Why was Stalin referred to as a “grey blur”?
7. How did Stalin come to power?
8. What was the difference between Lenin’s views and Stalin’s?
9. How did Stalin implement the Russian agricultural revolution?
10. How does Stalin’s life go “full circle”?

Lesson 20
Please answer the questions below.
1. Why did democracy in Japan fail?
2. Did Japan turn into a totalitarian regime? Explain why this is complicated.
3. Was Italy happy with what they got from WWI? Explain.
4. Why did Mussolini and the Fascist Party receive such support in the mid-1920s in Italy?
5. How did the American stock market crash contribute to Germany’s troubles?
6. Why did President Hindenburg appoint Hitler as Chancellor?
7. Who did Hitler blame Germany’s political problems on?
8. Describe two ideas in the National Socialist platform that probably appealed to the working German people.
9. What were Hitler’s racial views?
10. Look at Russia, Japan, Italy, and Germany. What militaristic force did each have that influenced people? (Explain for each.)

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