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light and sound can be used to establish a scene’s mood.  What LIGHTING and SOUND would you use to design the following scenes for a PLAY on a stage for:

1)  A romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day at a fancy restaurant where a couple gets engaged. 

2)  A robbery in an urban alley at night. 

3) The birth of a first child to happy parents in a small, country hospital. 

When writing your response, think about the color of the light that you would like to use/see, and where the lights are specifically coming from. 

Also, think about particular sounds. A song playing is fine, but what about ambient noise (like birds, traffic, dishes clinking, etc.)  Where are the sounds originating from?

(Be sure to choose a design for ALL 3 options.  Please write a different paragraph for eay scene.)




SOUND DESIGNER of the Broadway show WICKED discusses Sound Design

 Your response should be at least 200 words long and MUST include good college writing. Proper grammar including spelling and punctuation will be factored into your score. So Proofread your responses before submitting them.*** 

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