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only the 4 quiries


Write a SQL query to count the number of courses offered by semester (display as CourseCount), and to add up the total credit hours from those courses (display as TotalCredits). Name the query SQL12_CountCredits – use round to two decimal places.


Write a SQL query to display the first and last name along with MajorDept of all students who have a MajorDept of DSC/MIS or Marketing. Sort the query by MajorDept and then Last name. Name the query SQL13_DSC_MIS_MKT.



 Write a SQL query to display an alphabetical list of states that have at least one student attending the university.[NOTE: This is not an aggregate query since we are not “counting”, “summing”, etc., so you should NOT use GROUP BY]. Name the query SQL14_States


. Write a SQL query to display an alphabetical list of states that have more than 10 students attending the university. Do not include non-US Residents. Name the query SQL15_PopularStates

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