Event swot analysis | Management homework help

Assignment Overview:

Major sporting events are either hosted by the same organization/facility, in the same location each year, or they rotate and are hosted by a different organization/facility, in a different location each year.

Creating a SWOT analysis is a critical step in the event planning process, whether the event stays in one place, or changes location. It is important for an event planner to analyze all aspects of the event in order to ensure that everything goes as planned, and the best event possible is put together.

For this assignment, pick an event that stays in one place and another event that changes locations. Provide a brief introduction/synopsis of each event (one paragraph each). Then create a separate SWOT analysis for each event. Finally provide a comparison of the two events focusing on the differences which an event planner has to pay attention to when planning these events. The introduction and comparison should be in narrative formats. Each SWOT analysis should be in in a chart format of four boxes, one each for the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, as shown in the paper layout. 

Paper Details:

  • Paper should be two-to-three pages double-spaced in length utilizing proper APA style, with a cover page and reference page listing all sources.
  • The assignment should be submitted as a Word document.
  • You can include any documents of interest in an appendix

Paper layout:

Brief introduction of topic (2-4 sentences)

Para 1–intro/synopsis of stationary event

strengthsopportunitiesweaknessesthreats(SWOT must be in a chart form with bullets in each section not sentences)

Paragraph 2–intro/synopsis of rotating event


(SWOT must be in a chart form with bullets in each section not sentences)

Paragraph of your insights on above and comparison of the two events

Concluding paragraph

**Please be sure to put your SWOT analyses in a chart as shown in the paper layout. 

DO NOT go over three pages in length. 

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