Create a code | Computer Science homework help


Create a program that will compute:

First submit the psuedo code and desk check

Second submit .cpp file, the code

You may resubmit you code if you had to fixe your code to pass the test cases.

  1. The area and circumference of a circle.  Prompt the user to enter the radius. Use 3.14159 for pi.
  2. The area and the perimeter of a rectangle. Prompt the user to enter the length and the width.
  • Use the plan you created last week. If need be revise your pseudocode and algorithm to match expect output and Mimir test cases. 
  • Once again desk check your pseudocode and algorithm.
  • Do not allow for invalid input.
  • Allow for positive values only.
  • Format to 3 decimal places
  • Name file main.cpp
  • To Mimir submit: .cpp file
  • Submit your pseudocode and desk check along with your code to Mimir in a separate file
  • Pseudocode and desk check should be in the format of a pdf, picture, or notepad.
  • Include your name, date at the top of the code as a comment.
  • Restate project assignment question as a comment
  • Include detailed comments throughout your code
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