Video questions | Psychology homework help

Questions to consider after watching this video on which you will be asked to post: 

1. Why is Van Gogh considered the true forerunner, though not the theoretican, of the “spiritual” in art? Since Van Gogh was the first modern painter to convey his own tormented, inner life without the traditional concern for faithfully representing external reality, how would you  (1) characterize his career (2) describe in your own words and concepts the “spiritual” dimensions of his unique artistic output?    

2.  How in your impression does Kandinsky, as the major figure of “expressionism,” develop the style and approach of Van Gogh?  He does he diverge, or differ? 

3.  What is abstractionism, broadly speaking?  How is it related to “the spiritual in art”, so far as you understand the term? (NOTE: you will have opportunities to deepen your understanding of what this question means as the course continues, so we are just looking for your initial impressions, thoughts, and insights at this point). 

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