You correctly solved almost all the problems and fairly complete and


You correctly solved almost all the problems and fairly complete and  detailed steps are provided to explain how to solve each.  Your  explanations demonstrate a proficient understanding of most of the  statistical concepts and correct terminology is used throughout.

Make sure that you are showing how you find the criical values used  in each confidence interval.  Using Excel is the easiest and most  straight-forward, but if you are using a table or an outside source make  sure it is cited.

All of your calculations on the confidence intervals are good, just  make sure you are fully describing the steps you took in finding each in  the Word document.

Your work on #5 is incorrect.  There is a specific formula to be  applied that will use the information given in the problem to find the  minimum sample size necessary.
Blank form is below and the answers I had. I just need the right answers inserted in the areas that are wrong.

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