Reply 1 and 2 ,150 words each one by 06/13/2021 at 6:00 pm ,please

Reply 1   efore implementing evidence-based practice, it is important to know what the community is like where the practice change will occur. A community needs assessment for availability of resources may well support the evidence-based practice change at the hospital level. For example, my capstone change proposal is on why there is such a […]

Managers as ethical leaders | Management homework help

  tell me about some of the managerial implications and/or consequences of ethical leadership in an organization. What is ethical leadership and how would you personally explain its impact on an organization? How might authoritative and participative leaders impact your responses to the questions in this forum. (USe our library to research this if needed)

Financial analysis | Management homework help

                     Financial Analysis: Financial Figures and Concepts: POWERPOINT PRESENTATION                                                                                                                DUE 02/28/2018

U.s history | History homework help

2 John Green 6x  due on friday  Due Friday by 11:59pm Points 10 Submitting a text entry box (Turnitin enabled) Available until Jun 1 at 11:59pm All extra credit assignments are optional. Objectives of Extra Credit John Green: This assignment will not be graded on the following scale. Exceeding Credit: Student answers all the questions to […]

Physices lab report | Physics homework help

   Hello I need someone to write my physics lab report. I have done the experiment and I have find out the result but I want someone to write it. The lab report should continue: 1. Abstract: Look to the attachment for further defiles  2. Introduction  For the reader, not from the Instructions! One or […]

Homi discussion reply to daryl and katrina turabian cite | HOMI 500 – Preparation of the Sermon | Liberty University

  In addition to the thread, you are required to reply to 2 other classmates’ threads. Each reply must be at least 200 words. See the grading rubric for further details.  Reply to Daryl It has been my experience that the proclamation of the Word of God has to come from a place of spiritual preparedness […]

Modeling policy with simulations. | Information Systems homework help

  Please find a total of 4 websites that are related to modeling policy with simulations. These can be and include eGovPoliNet and others that have been mentioned in the papers, readings or videos. They can be community based, software based, or other, but make sure they are related to the topics that we are discussing this week.  Please […]

Excel spreadsheet help needed | Information Systems homework help

I need help with Excel creating some spreadsheets, I am new to using Excel and limited on time. I need this done in 24 hours. I need assignments AE3-1 and AE3-2 Completed. You will need Microsoft Access for the second file. More detailed instructions are attached.

Internal controls case | Accounting homework help

Please complete as a typical case analysis.  Cohesive analysis (answer all the questions fully integrating the information from the current chapter and any past chapters that are relevant) obviously must have an appropriate introduction, body and conclusion. The authoritative guidance must be incorporated. That means you must explain why that guidance is relevant and appropriate […]

Spanish / completa las oraciones con la opción adecuada

Completa las oraciones con el condicional de los verbos de la lista. bailar, comprar, hacer, llevar, visitar Si alguna vez voy a España,  ______ Madrid, Barcelona y Sevilla. Si Juan y Laura se ganan la lotería, ______ una mansión frente al mar. Tú dijiste que si pasas el examen, _______ una gran fiesta. Hernando cree que si María lo perdona, ______ de […]

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